About Me

“The Bug Crusher” was founded in 2015. Most of the articles were about software introduction because Ted was a senior high school student at that time.

As interest develop, web building, flashing device, game, programming and photography topics were join to it.

My Introduction

Hi! I am Ted, using Lioupai629 as my codename on the Internet. Currently studying in the University of Department of Digital Game Design. Writting blog posts is my interest, and I am trying to write some English articles to help connect the world.

Site Statistics

Daily visitors:600 ~ 1,000+
Daily page views:1,300 ~ 1,700+
Facebook Page Fans:1,024+ (Read)
Alexa Rank:735,755 (Read)
Alexa Rank in Taiwan:15,301

Last Updated: 2019.12.26

Contact Me

If you have any suggest for this site, you can email to me. I will work on it as soon as possible.

Email Address: mail@tedliou.com