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How to Flash Stock Rom using FlashTool v0.9.28

Today, I would like talk to you about How to Flash Sony Stock Rom using FlashTool. Let’s begin. Installing FlashTool Download the FlashTool (Mirror) for Windows, Linux, or Mac. Run the EXE file and follow the installation. Installing Flashmode Drivers Run FlashTool-drivers.exe to install the Flashmode Drivers component. Download Firmware Download the firmware you wish to flash. Enter Tools > Bundles > Create, fill in the form, and move all things to Firmware content. Click Create button. Flashing Switch off your smart device. Then hold the volume down and connect your smart device to ease the computer to recognize it.

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Pokemon Go: How Fake GPS on Android?

Human is very lazy. When Pokemon Go released, some players let their virtual character to go around the world by fake GPS. For those looking to play Pokemon Go by Fake GPS, this article will walk you through how to do it. Let’s get started. Requirements You’ll need these: An Android device that using Magisk to root. A Windows PC Mobile: Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick PC: Java & SmaliPatcher 1. Repackaging Magisk Manager Since Pokemon Go will block your device when Magisk Manager is installed, you need to run the ‘Hide Magisk Manager’ function to prevent it from